News 29 September 2007

Poster of the Permutation wins Grand Prix at the 22nd International Open Sculpture Competition in Ube, Japan

Excerpt from the History Ube Biennale: "(...) Next to the first oldest Venice Biennale, the second Sao Paulo Biennale, UBE Biennale has the third longest history in the world, and draws an international attention as a leaping debut for sculptors. In 2011, UBE Biennale will celebrate its 50th anniversary aimed at a greater achievement and more remarkable recognition." (source: website)

From the Description of Work, by Piotr Twardowski:

"The theme of my work is PERMUTATION. A sculpture develops the qualities typical to the "permutation" by transformation of the flux, current, course and volume of the sculptural forms. Permutation for me is a cunning maneuver and trickery, accompanied by logic and tactic. Symbiosis of the elements in the sculpture and their interdependence is surprising, and I could say: cruel, for it is based on segregation of forms in place of newly manifested groups of features, a process similar to the one observed in the nature."Exhibition of models