News 8 February 2009

Piotr Twardowski selected by the Villacero Foundation Monterrey, Mexico to represent Poland

Museo De Arte Contemporáneo De Monterrey, The Strategy Of Form

From the Press Release (February 5, 2oo9): The versatility of metal as a medium of transmitting emotions is at the core of the exhibition The Strategy of Form. Steel Sculpture. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey presents the most extensive show to-date drawn from the Villacero collection. Its holdings exclusively made up of works that incorporate steel, make the collection unique in the world.

"The sculptures (...) offer the spectator the possibility of tracking this intense and plural search to expand the limits of our thoughts on space (…)"
Jorge Contreras, curator

Since 2005, Grupo Villacero has been building its collection which comprises this show and it has presented diverse lectures on its patronage in Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Turkey, Germany, as well as mounting an exhibition in Cancún. This is the first time it has shown works in the city where its headquarters are located. Recognized sculptors and promising young talents in art, primarily from Latin America, contribute their personal vision, a heterogeneous mix of techniques and formats that also reflect a multitude of cultures.

From solemn monoliths to exquisite pieces apparent fragility, arise from the same material that is fundamentally considered as the basis of the industrialized city. Figurative, abstract and even at times surreal, the works shown in this exhibition allow for exploring the limits, if there actually are limits, in the construction and perception of space. Number of works: 62 pieces by 50 artists.

The Strategy Of Form, Text by the curator, Jorge Contreras, for the catalogue of the exhibition: "(...)The sculptures of the Villacero Collection, presented in the MARCO exhibition, offer the spectator the possibility of tracking this intense and plural search to expand the limits of our thoughts on space, and make evident new routes and strategies to talk about the creation of space through our own experience of life. (…)"

Opening to the general public:

Friday, 13 February 2009, 8:30 pm. Free admission. A talk with three of the artists Anthony Caro, Tim Scott and Francisco Gazitúa and Karen Wilkin, art critic and Guillermo MacLean, director of the Fundación Villacero. 7:30 pm. MARCO auditorium.